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Hello… and thanks for stopping by the home of the Working Girls and their Wines.

Many guests to the winery ask about the Working Girls and their story. We even get a few jokes about the name. But really, it’s who we are.

Back in 2003 we were trying a number of different wine blends for a new white and red wines. Let’s just say we had tasted a little too much. As the story goes, I leaned back in the chair and exclaimed loudly, “Ladies, I’m exhausted. this working girl has got to go home!” Well that got our attention. That was it. That’s who we are… Working Girls. And the name stuck.

We now have 3 wines in the series. Working Girl White, Go Girl Red, and Rosé the Riveter. Each has a story behind it that we love to tell. All the wines our unique blends from Washington grapes. Each wine is too easy to drink, loves to be paired with food on your table and priced not to break the bank.

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The reenactment of the Chocolate Factory was orchestrated by former Working Girl Libby (Ethel) and Dan Sweetser. Molly was the supervisor and Kathy played Lucy. I don’t how much chocolate we ate practicing for this but it was A Lot! Performed at the Sequim Chocolate Festival in 2005 & 2006. I would really like to try to do the Vitameatavegamin episode. Maybe soon.

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