Winter 2020-21 Tasting Sheet

If you could put 2020 in a bottle what would that brew be?

The COVID-19 pandemic challenges wrought upon 2020 were given a smoke-filled exclamation point when most of the fall harvest was covered in a thick blanket of wildfire smoke throughout the entire West.

Extensive (and expensive) testing could determine if the smoke had already tainted the grapes or not. But by then we had already realized that few would be lifting a toast to a future special occasion and selecting the 2020 vintage as an “exceptionally fine year.”

So, with plenty of previous years of wine still aging well in their barrels, we decided to pass on the 2020 harvest. 

Instead, we’re opening the “library” to bring you many familiar, along with some rediscovered old favorites. Supply may be limited, but – unlike 2020 – we can guarantee that these vintages and bottled blends are from years full of much fonder memories than what we’ve all just survived.

Join us, and start 2021 off right by ordering any of these favorites and join us in raising a toast to a brand new year!