Here are the wines that go best with your favorite Thanksgiving dishes

Some say stuffing, others do dressing. It can be cornbread or white bread, scented with sage, stuffed with sausage or dressed with oysters. Whatever recipe you favor, match the strongest flavor in the dish with the wine.

For instance, with oyster dressing, go with something citrusy. Working Girl White is bright with acidity, and classic citrus flavors. It also has an herbaceous quality, making it a perfect partner with vegetables like Brussel sprouts or green beans.

Whether it’s deep-fried, roasted, barbequed or smoked, turkey wine is a slam dunk. Whether a dry red, rosé or white, many wines shine with turkey. An elegant Pinot Noir or Dungeness Rosé works well with turkey, especially if there is a mushroom gravy.

Cranberry is probably the tangiest and toughest flavor to match. But our seasonal Cranberry Jubilee or the fruity and hints of fresh strawberries found in our Rosé The Riveter both pair perfectly with the tart-sweet flavors of cranberries. Each of these wines are so full of fruit that both are a good match with turkey too!

Other local, award-winning wineries you need to revisit if only on the web are Harbinger Winery, Camaraderie Cellars, Wind Rose Cellars, FairWinds Winery, Port Townsend Vineyards,  Marrowstone Vineyards, and Eaglemount Winery & Cidery. Even though the Olympic Peninsula Wineries annual Harvest Wine Tours was COVID canceled for 2020, the wineries are open and ready to grace your Thanksgiving table.